Monday, March 15, 2010

Sandal Season

Raise your hand if you think it's sandal season.

*crickets from approximately 3/4 of the US*

Yeah, I thought so.  In Cali, the weather is HINTING at sandal season, but I know that's not the case elsewhere.

So, for all of you who won't be wearing sandals any time soon, I present to you Some Of The Ugliest Sandals Of The Season.  You know, so you don't feel like you're missing anything (besides vitamin D and daylight generally).

This is a Gypsy Macrame Sandal.  It's $225.  Seriously, people, I can't make shit up that's this good ridiculous.

This "Stoneham" sandal is $109.95. I don't think I've seen sandals this ugly since the 90s.  On men.  For increased ugliness, check them out in black.

This is a $75 jelly sandal.  I don't give a rat's arse whose label is on these, they are PLASTIC SHOES.  Therefore, should you choose the juvenile route of plastic shoes, they shouldn't cost more than $14.99- at Target.

Don't know about you, but these look vaguely spider-like and any shoe that contains or looks like a bug is off my list.

Oh, yay. A bedazzler threw up on these shoes.

And this, gentle readers, is the "indie" sandal for $79.95.  Because this is inexplicable to me, I leave it to you to decide what the eff this is for.  Cold ankles but warm toes?  Whatever it 's for, it looks stupid.


Mira said...

ok the first and the last are beyond understanding. Even I know better than that...

Deka said...

jelly shoes are garbage
and really uncomfortable :-P

Andrea S. said...

I am physically ill now...