Wednesday, March 10, 2010

What's the Diff?

This is the BCBG MAXAZRIA cap-sleeved color block dress.  Since it's sold out, I have no idea how much it is/was.  I do know that it looks EXACTLY the same as this Bisou Bisou version which is on sale for $20.99:

Yeah, it's slightly shinier (and therefore slightly cheaper looking) and it's polyester instead of silk (and therefore actually IS cheaper).  But really?  Based on the pictures, they look the same to me.

Would I buy the less expensive one?  Probably, if I found the higher end one too pricey.  It looks like a pretty trendy dress, so I don't know if a higher cost would be justified.  But if I was going to sport it at work or a nice event, I'd consider the splurge since it will likely be more durable and will LOOK higher end for much longer.

I will say that while the bottle blond's hair looks like it's several weeks overdue for a touch up and the brunette's hair looks freshly manicured, the expressions on each of their faces doesn't make the dress seem very fun to wear.

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Joanne said...

I couldn't find anything different, too.