Monday, March 15, 2010

What's the Diff? Metallic Sandal Edition

These Seychelles sandals are $79.95.  They appear to come in pewter, white, brown, nude, black, and yellow.

These Mossimo Supply Co. sandals are $17.99 at Target. Looks like they come in gold, silver, and black.

Aside from the color differences- and the fact the the Target shoes are faux while the Seychelles are real leather, they look exactly the same to me.  And for a pair of shoes I will wear/love/need for 1 season, max, I would go with the cheaper pair.

These are Charles by Charles David sandals for $64.95.  They come in silver, gold, and black metallic.
They are clearly a different shoe, but even so, they look pretty much exactly the same to me, especially when you ignore the color difference.  These are from Xhilaration at Target and are $17.99.

I actually think the Target shoes look nicer; bright metallics, like that of the Charles David sandal, tend to look a little cheap no matter what they cost, and the Target shoes' color is more subtle.
This is the Jack Rogers Navajo sandal.  It's $96.00 and comes in 6 colors.
This is the Merona Whipstich sandal at Target.  It's $19.99 and comes in 3 colors.

It's quite obviously the same shoe, right down to the small stacked heel.  My preference?  Target wins again; this is a casual knock around shoe.  I'll save my money for nice pumps, not blow it on a one-trick pony sandal.  Not sure how comfy faux leather is between the toes on a warm day, though...

The lesson, kids?  Check Target or other discount stores for styles you like before shelling out the moolah for nice summer shoes that get trashed after one season.

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Nicole said...

My sister just bought the Target sandals in black. Very cute. I, however, am having trouble transitioning to sandal season when it is still so chilly outside.
Also, I was just looking for pewter colored bridesmaid shoes and I was complaining about all the ridiculously high heals...wonder how the bride would feel if I sported flat sandals instead?? Not sure about the price tag though. haha