Monday, July 26, 2010

Going underground...

To slay the white whale I have been stalking for over 2 months.

In the meantime, check out some Printastic! prints The Fashion Police have rounded up.  I disagree that Miu Miu is to blame (or credit) for the animals-on-everything trend, but I do find their picks fun.

Huff Po, always one for good fluff, has an article on The Worst College Fashion Trends.  A) I can't believe kids are still wearing their damn pjs to class (um, hello the 1990s want their dumb lazy-ass trend back), and B) the list is missing the hideous shorts with boots trend scaring- and scarring- people everywhere.

Also, I saw this link on Go Fug Yourself, and had to share.  Seriously, just check out Catalog Living.  Bonus: totally SFW.

And in case you want something slightly less fluffy (I said SLIGHTLY, people), check out two different articles on the same issue: Regulating Photoshop and all women aspiring to be an hourglass

See you next week.

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