Sunday, July 18, 2010

Printastic! Shoe Print, Part 43

If you didn't get enough shoe print last time I discussed it, here's some more:

This is the Perfect Pair Cardigan:

And here's the Shoes Hinged Wallet:

Jesus, there's a whole damn line of this crap:

Uh huh.  That's a boot print.

Don't worry, this brand apparently has other prints, too.  The Stepping Out collection (shudder):

And the Golf Day line (a true horror in pleather):

Shame on you,, for carrying such repulsive creations. 

If you DID get enough the last time I discussed this, then I hope you skipped past all of the preceding hideousness to get here, the merciful end.

Until next time.

(Cue maniacal laughter)

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