Thursday, July 8, 2010

Printastic! Fruit Print

We are in a stage of fashion where prints are in and are getting wilder/weirder/more interesting by the moment. We've gone from polka dots and stripes (still prevalent right now) to floral to teacups and foxes. 

Hence, my new feature, Printastic!  If you find a print you think should be featured, let me know. 

Yesterday I covered animals; today, fruit print.  Why, you ask?  Because, people, I am in love with my new strawberry print cardi:

...aaaand because it's my blog. Obviously.

This apron from Mod Cloth is cute and even useful:

This cherry print sundress from  Pin Up Girl Clothing is delightfully summery, sexy, and retro:

I love this silk fruit print dress; does it not scream guest-at-an-outdoor-summer-wedding to you? I also like that it's a bit graphic; not as literal a translation of pictures of fruit on silk as other pieces.

And hello, but is this not a super cute beach tote?

Are you pro or con fruit print?

Printastic bonus! Felt like horses and owls were rudely excluded yesterday?  You know I just LIVE to serve. So here ya go:


And owls (which are so ubiquitous, you can't shop anywhere anymore without tripping over at least six different owl necklaces/earring/sweaters/notebooks/other crap):

Don't get me wrong- my love of all things bird includes owls.  My li'l sis got me a great owl necklace last year.  And I get that owls have some sort of retro, indie, nerdy vibe that hipsters and 14 years olds everywhere desire.  But aren't there are least several THOUSAND species of birds?  I'm just asking.


Anonymous said...

My love for owls goes back to being 5 years old in my grandfather's Florida neighbor walking around trying to see as many burrowing owls as I good. It was, for such a youngster, so exciting. And they are flippin' adorable. No joke. He passed away a few years later, and my grandmother moved to Indiana, so the owls almost symbolize this brief and happy time in my childhood. I've always loved them. Then, when I was 14, before the hipster craze and despite the hipster craze. Owls are da bomb.
I think it'd be neat to make my own owl print. Something crunchy and graphic and maybe a little out there.
P.S. Glad you're posting again ;)

Mira said...

So clearly I'm not getting out enough because I haven't seen an owl print anywhere but here. I'm so not in on the joke. Sigh.

You should do a column on dressing the post pregnant fatso. I'd be much obliged.