Friday, July 9, 2010

Printastic! Candy Print

I want candy.  But not on my clothes.  To me, it looks juvenile, even a little carnival-esqe. 

This is the Candied Dots Blouse.  Um, no.

This is the somewhat related Chocolate Box Cardigan.  It's less offensive for some reason, but I still wouldn't pay $128 for it.

This is the (old) D & B Candy Print Bag.


Candy print: pro or con?


Mira said...

blech, not the examples you provided.

Ellen S. said...

And believe me, these were the good ones. I stayed away from the M&M printed boxes (gross) and the message-heart tees/slippers/other random crap (cute for exactly one day of the year and obnoxious the other 364)

Ellen S. said...

Boxes = boxers