Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Printastic! Boat Print

I think it's pretty obvious where you should come down on this craziness. 

I present to you, ladies and gents of the jury, Exhibit A, the Cute-opher Columbus Dress:

I shit you not, that is what it's called.

Exhibit  B, the Stylish Wanderer Dress:

If by "stylish" they mean Arse Ugly, then I wholeheartedly agree.

Exhibit C, the I Want It That A-Weigh Romper:

Yeah, those ARE boats and anchors you see.

Exhibits D and E:

The shirt:

The skort:

Yes, I said skort.

And for the love of people with eyes, do not even consider wearing these pieces together.

Exhibit F (for big, fat FAIL), the beyond-preppy Green Boat Print tank:

Don't even THINK of pairing this with crisp white pants and leather thongs. 

Exhibit G, the Into The Sunset Tee:

This is passable, but I dread seeing the big orange bulls-eye on one my - or your- girls...

Now I ask you, can you justify a verdict that doesn't condemn these to eternal ugliness?

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