Monday, May 9, 2011

The Hunt for Red Patent Leather Pointy Toed Flats: Contenders

So far, there are 2 contenders for my next pair of Red Patent Leather Pointy Toed Flats.  Frankly, I am relieved that there are any at all.

First up: Kate Spade New York Elaina
They are the prefect shade of red, a great non-witchy pointy toe, and are flat enough (they have a 1/2 heel, which I can probably get over).  They have a feminine, almost delicate vibe enhanced by the neat little bow.  They are also $225.

Next up: Fitzwell Vanessa III
These are also a fabulous shade of red, have a (most likely) non-witchy pointy toe, and are also flat enough with their 1/2 heel.  These have a more adult, retro feel with the higher curved sided and deeper hue.  They aren't made of real leather, which is a big hit against them.  Then again, they are only $59. 

What do you think of these options?  Which pair would you advise?

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