Wednesday, May 4, 2011

May Shopping Ban

I just signed up for The Anthroholic Shopping Ban/Shop Your Closet Challenge. The rules require participants to not buy any clothes, shoes, or accessories for the rest of May.  Under the terms of the ban, we are allowed one cheat item.  Since I am searching for red patent leather pointy-toed flats to replace the (stinky and well-worn) ones I have now, those will likely be my cheat item if I find the right pair.

I have participated in clothes-wearing challenges like Dressember and Frocking Fridays, but I have never taken a true shopping hiatus.

I am going to track my progress here and see how I do.  I think challenges like this are probably more fun with a supportive group, so I am looking forward to seeing others' progress, as well.  Kim at Anthroholic will post weekly updates on her progress and the rest of us will weigh in too.

Want to join in?  Just leave a comment over at Anthroholic and start shopping your closet instead of the stores!

1 comment:

Katherine said...

I signed up too! Good luck to both of us :)