Sunday, May 1, 2011

Shop This Place: Darlingtonia Moccasin Company

Moccasins aren't my go to shoes.  To me, most of them feel a little masculine and nature-y and, weirdly, juvenile at the same time.  Because I love feminine details in my accessories, I am more of a ballet flats/booties/round-toed pumps kind of girl.  And no, I don't do fringe.  But I just bought a pair of black moccasins (with a bow and nautical detailing and zero fringe, obviously) and finding them fun to wear. 

So when I stumbled upon Darlingtonia Moccasin Company, I knew I'd hit pay dirt in terms of cute moccasins for the rest of us.  Feathers, apples, and stud details make these anything but your ordinary moccasin.  They are leather, handmade, and made to order.  And for that kind of work, $119 or $129 seems like a reasonable price.

Here are my favorites: (the one pictured above is the Blue Feather Moccasin)

Dove Moccasin:

The description says these are "for brides" but I'd wear them like any other casual neutral flat.

Rust Feather Moccasin:

I'd save these for the fall, when the weather turns crisp and corduroy starts making its way outside again.

Lime Pow Wow Princess Moccasin:

A little preppy and a lot cute, these will work well with this season's bright colors and classic shapes.

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