Wednesday, May 18, 2011

May Shopping Ban: Challenge #3

Challenge #3 hit just as I was smirking at yesterday's success.  The Anthro tag sale was disappointing, at best, so I was able to turn my nose up and walk away from it without glancing back. 

But just as I was set to ignore the smell of commerce wafting though my computer screen, the Kate Spade sample sale was announced.  Via email, Facebook, and Twitter.  (on To Do List: familiarize myself with unsubscribe feature.)

Up to 75% off and $5 shipping?  Who was I to resist?  Seriously people, WHO?

Especially since this baby was only $89 (marked down from $225):

So, I caved and got it in a delightful shade of yellow called goldenrod.  Can you blame me? 

The question on everyone's mind is now, of course, whether this is my May cheat item or if the Red Patent Leather Pointy Toed Flats will also make it into my cart before the month is up. 

And people, I just don't know.

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