Saturday, May 7, 2011

May Shopping Ban: Challenge #1

My first real challenge happened yesterday when I went to Anthropologie.  Fortunately, I was with a friend who is also, at least somewhat, on a self-imposed shopping ban, so we could browse together without encouraging any purchases by the other. 

Why even go in, you ask?

I like keeping up with what's new, seeing what's out there, comparison shopping, and generally looking at pretty things.  Shopping is not just a means to an end for me.  It's an experience, a hobby.  It's not my only hobby, fortunately, but it is one of them. 

So, we went in, poked around, played with some new housewares, and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

I did have a moment of panic when this awesome maxi dress (see it on The British Anthropologist here) was marked down a second time to $39.99 (original retail price was $158).

An excerpt of my racing mind:
OMG! $40! How can I pass that up?  It doesn't count if it's a steal, right? RIGHT?! And I can wear it all summer! And it's in classic colors! RIGHT?!

Fortunately, they didn't have my size.  Which was, weirdly, a relief.  I wasn't even faced with a real choice, so I could walk away guilt-free.

And I learned a few things.


Is straight up see through.  Def not buying at full price.


While nice leather, are so boring in person, I fell asleep holding them. 

Most importantly, I walked out empty handed without feeling like I was missing something.  A small thing, maybe, but certainly a success.

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