Monday, May 16, 2011

May Shopping Ban: Challenge #2

The lure of a sale. Not just any sale, but a mega sale.  Like the  Nordstrom half yearly sale, for which I may or may not have taken mornings off from work to attend during the week when stock is still high and customer traffic low. 

Or the upcoming, semi-annual Anthropologie Tag Sale tomorrow, May 17.  Their biggest sale. With huge mark downs on a huge number of items.

This is like crack for an Anthro addict like me.  The key to overcoming this challenge will be to avoid it entirely, or to have ONE item selected as my cheat item, so if I find it on a great discount, I can snap it up (relatively) guilt-free.

Whether I can stick to the May Shopping Ban is one thing.  What I have started realizing about my shopping habits is another- and much more thought-provoking- thing entirely.

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